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Courtney Meason Feature
I chose Courtney Meason, a runner and sister in my social club, as my subject for a video project in my Multimedia Storytelling class at Harding University. This project combined photography, audio and video elements. I loved having the opportunity to gain more experience in these areas. I recorded Courtney's interview using the Voice Memo app on my iPhone and edited the audio and video on Garage Band and iMovie. Instead of traditional video clips, I took a variety of photographs of Courtney which I pieced together with her audio interview. 






Chaco Commercial

This was a project I made for my Principles of Marketing class at Harding University. The goal of this project was to successfully create a commercial for an assigned company or brand using pre-provided photos and technology. Chaco is one of my favorite brands, so I was excited to put this together. I used photos off of Chaco's website and also included a few photos of my own. This was put together using Garage Band and iMovie.




I served as a creative writing intern for Harvest Development Group from August 2015 to May 2016. HDG is a business consulting firm working specifically with nonprofits and start-ups, helping them embrace the best business practices into their organization for exceptional results. HDG does this through a variety of services, such as marketing and advertising, sales strategies, social media management and business consulting. As their intern, I was responsible for working with a handful of their clients to develop creative ideas, write blog posts and create creative solutions to overcome various technical problems.


One of Harvest Development Group's clients that I worked with regularly is Chix Beach Originals, started by Jared Buckland. He is not just a CEO, but more importantly, is an artist. Jared reclaims wooden packing pallets and recycles them to create photo canvases and a variety of other art pieces. Below are some of the ads and web content I created for Chix Beach Originals.

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