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As part of my Media Research class, one of the Public Relations capstone courses at my university, I spent the spring 2016 semester conducting research to develop a research thesis. As a conclusion to my project, I created the poster on the right to serve as a visual aid for my thesis presentation.

Social media provides amusement parks with a unique opportunity to engage and entice visitors with two-way dialogue and targeted messaging, while also leveraging social as a platform to communicate important park information.

The top five theme parks in Central Florida are Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, Legoland Florida and Gatorland. This list of the top five theme park locations in Central Florida comes directly from Travel Channel’s website. For this study, I did a content analysis of each theme park’s official Twitter account based on many statistics Twitter provides, plus the statistics I gathered on my own by creating a coding sheet to interpret the content of each tweet. 


I analyzed the content of the tweets produced by all five of these accounts. I found my hypothesis, that the more followers an account had, the more likes and retweets they would receive, to be true. In addition, I was surprised that the two largest segments of content these tweets contained were graphics (each account using them over 76% of the time) and hashtags (used at least 50% of the time by each account). 

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